New Guests FAQs

Listed below are questions we are commonly asked.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to call us at 586-777-0215 or click here to email us.

I am new here, where do I start?

You are always welcome at our weekly services, Bible Studies, fellowship events and programs at St. Paul's.  We believe that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ proved His love for us by His death on the cross, forgiving us of all our sins, by grace alone.  We share our love by being a compassionate congregation --- having adopted the motto, “We’re here for you,” with respect to your spiritual and personal well-being.  Our hope is that, as your faith and trust in the Lord grows, you will know and feel the "Peace beyond all understanding" (Philippians 4:7) that gives us comfort and calmness even during our trials and tribulations.

What time are Services?
Sunday Services:9:30 am
Sunday Bible School for Children:10:45 am
Adult Bible Study:10:45 am
Where are you located?

St. Paul's Lutheran Church
22915 Greater Mack Avenue
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

Click here for a map and driving directions.

Do you have services for children?

All children, from the youngest infant, are welcome in the Services ---- they belong with the family of God. Raising a child to attend the Services and become “enculturated” with the Church’s Divine Service is one of the most important works a parent can undertake. If a parent doesn’t hear as much of the sermon as he or she would like, please know that a printed copy of the sermon is available upon request. Activity bags are available for small children for occasional use in the Service. Two “cry rooms” with rocking chairs are available --- each receives a broadcast of the Service.

What do I do when I walk through the door?

Relax --- someone will greet you and welcome you and take you into the church --- he or she may even “show you around” --- if you ask. While in the church you may sit alone or ask for someone to sit with you. The greeter will give you a Service folder --- which is easy to understand and which will direct you to the various pages in the Hymnal (songbook --- in the pew rack.) Prepare to be nourished with the Word of God --- the Service is His time to help you.

Handicap Accessibility?

Our building has an elevator, ramps, and large doors for wheelchairs.

Communion Policy

Please refer to the Communion statement listed under “Worship.” Our congregation practices “Closed Communion,” a practice used in the early centuries of the New Testament, which is ultimately rooted in love for the parishioner and for the Scriptures. Exceptions can be made --- please consult the Pastor prior to the Service.


Marked and lighted and paved parking is available, with several designated handicapped spaces. Please enter from O’Connor Street.

Am I worthy to attend?
If everyone waited to meet God’s standards for purity, no one would ever attend. No one is pure, but in Christ, we are declared pure. Enter in your present condition and leave justified and edified. God will “work” on you each and every week, as He does with all Christians --- including the pastors.
Who is Welcome?
Everyone is welcome to attend the Services. Do not think, “I must first clean up my act” --- let God “clean” you. St. Paul’s church --- as is every Christian church, is a “hospital” for the sick --- for persons who have sinned --- which is everyone. If a man has no sin, he doesn’t need to be forgiven --- he doesn’t need Jesus --- he doesn’t need to attend. But the Bible declares otherwise, “All have sinned … “ (Romans 3:23) and “If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us … “ (1 John 1:8.) Get in here before your heart stops beating.
Children's Message
Is held every Sunday (September – May) at the beginning of the Sunday Bible School program at 9:45 a.m., led by the Pastor, and consists of a brief message often on the theme of the day or of a catechetical doctrine.